Aubergine nutrition value uncovers secret to had better not take a skin to take _ cate the world greatly

Aubergine nutrition value uncovers secret to had better not take a skin to eat greatly

2017-02-23 16:38:22

All sorts of season vegetable already came on stage in succession, wrap around personally the mainland of violet gown or blue gown is vegetable — aubergine, no matter posture still is social status, show hill dew not at all. But today dilatancy its nutrient value, you can are opposite possibly it was looked at with new eyes.

Aubergine sex is cold, the person of furuncle of prickly heat, unripe to growing easily sore is relatively fit, but taste empty is cold, asthmatic person unfavorable eat more. Aubergine place contains quantity of heat extremely low, senile support of the people is fat person might as well often eat.

Which kinds of aubergine most nutrition

Aubergine contains protein, adipose, carbohydrate, vitamin and calcium, phosphor, iron to wait for a variety of nutrition composition, rich vitamin E and vitamin P are contained in the skin of violet skin aubergine, to protecting a heart and vessels, defer human body consenescence to have active sense, other and vegetable place cannot compare this.

Aubergine does not want flay to eat

After aubergine flay be oxidized by air because of among them microelement iron, very easy and nigrescent, such likelihoods affect the human body absorption to iron, because of this aubergine had better not flay eats.

Often feed lotus lotus root the world of cate of good taste _

Often feed lotus lotus root good taste

2017-01-10 14:04:39

Autumn season, be Xian Ouying city when. Bright lotus root besides containing many carbohydrate, protein and all sorts of vitamins and mineral content are very rich also, folk has early ” collect tender lotus root newly to get the better of imperial physician ” say. To old people, qiu Ougeng is taste of take a tonic to build up health is good feed capable person.

If want to let lotus root have the method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood that raise a stomach, be good at the action that lienal beneficial enrages, must machine it ripe. Explanation of appropriate of king of head of department of nutrition of dietotherapy of the wide hospital that install the gate says academy of sciences of Chinese traditional Chinese medical science, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, unripe lotus root but disappear Yu cool blood, clear irritated heat, stop vomit is thirsty, the woman is postpartum diet raw or cold food, alone not avoid lotus root, have very good disappear Yu effect because of lotus root namely. But sex of unripe lotus root is cold, gan Liang enters a stomach, for flimsy to intestines and stomach old people, the likelihood still can have certain stimulative effect. And machine lotus root to ripe hind, its sex by cool become lukewarm, although lost the property of disappear Yu, clear heat, turn into however beneficial to taste,

Make lotus root treatment into lotus root starch especially, be old people rare more feed Bu Jia to taste, already rich nutrition, digest easily again, have raise blood hemostatic, the appetizing effect in tone. At ordinary times the senile friend with bad taste, might as well taking the advantage of fresh when autumn lotus root appears on the market, eat more a few, oneself make lotus root starch in the home.

The method that make is very simple: Above all, slice of lotus root gross, to accelerate dry rate, can first on evaporate 5 minutes; Next, lotus root piece the insolation on the gauze that tile is in clean, etc insolation, bask in after appearing, powder is pounded in putting mortar can.

When breakfast, develop the lotus root starch that on one bowl of small glittering and translucent get rid of appears with boiled water, light lotus root is sweet special conduce to an old person appetizing. From the point of nutrient angle, can assure to absorb enough carbohydrate not only, still have C of a few vitamins and prandial thread at the same time. If drink congee in the morning everyday, might as well now and then change taste, will nod lotus root starch, like to eat sweet of the mouth, nod honey, brown sugar or still can be being added appropriately is sweet-scented osmanthus. Do with lotus root starch afternoon adding meat also is right choice.

When choosing lotus root, also have exquisite. The surface should be carried to send form of yellow, lotus root when buying brawny, the place of fracture surface is being heard have a faint scent. Use industrial the lotus lotus root that acid treatment crosses looks very white, hearing have tart flavor. The attention should be not had, without sodden, without rusty spot, ceaseless section, not drying shrinkage, did not become angry. Each part of lotus root has different treatment edible kind, if lotus root is pointed the part is smaller, can mix eat. The part among suits to be being fried eat, older common treatment makes lotus root starch, sweetmeat or blast wear eat.

Eating salt less is most the world of cate of _ of method of economic filling calcium

Eating salt less is most method of economic filling calcium

2017-01-11 14:35:11

Have the method of saline filling calcium less, british scientist puts forward above all. They discover in research: Saline intake is more, the capacity of calcium of the eduction in make water is more, calcic absorption is poorer also. This that is to say, eat salt less to be equal to filling calcium, ate salt less to rise actually to calcium ” do not fill fill ” action, it is filling calcium most the method of economic material benefit.

World Health Organization is recommended, healthy adult everyday saline intake is unfavorable more than 5 grams, nutrition family education gives authority a few be restricted saline small doohickey: Just began to eat salt of one beer cap everyday (do not exceed 10 to overcome) , after suiting, change everyday one toothpaste builds salt, make an appointment with 4.5 grams. Salt is put again when the fried dish gives boiler, such salinity won’t in infiltration dish, distributing equably however in the surface, can reduce the amount that photograph salt.

3 kinds of common food that prevent cancer ensure the world of healthy _ cate

Safeguard of 3 kinds of common food that prevent cancer is healthy

2016-10-10 12:00:42

These 3 kinds of alimental prevent cancerous action to be highlighted quite, should often edible, can reduce the happening of cancer, safeguard is healthy.


The effect preventing cancer of garlic comes from the Qiu that its contain base compound (for example: 2 vulcanization) of 2 Xi propyl, this kind of material can affect the metabolization inside body to reach remove carcinogenic substance, protect the health of human body then. Research data makes clear, the area is sent high in Chinese cancer of the stomach, the dangerous sex that photograph of the person that the person that eat garlic more eats garlic less together compares happening of cancer of the stomach wants low much. Additional, well-known, the garlic element that can exterminate a bacterium is contained in garlic, have inhibition to bacteria of a lot of human body enteron, then block breaks the carcinogenic substance inside human body inferior the synthesis of saltpetre amine. Those who need a specification is, when garlic is eaten raw, place for some time in air the effect that prevent cancer is best.


Many tomato red element is contained in tomato, tomato red element and adipose when existing at the same time be absorbed the most easily by human body, metabolize and use.
Often edible can reduce male prostate cancerous occurence rate, concerned research still makes clear, content of red element of the tomato inside human body is too low the happening that waits for chronic with uterine cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and arteriosclerosis is concerned, should assure to eat everyday so 1 to 2 tomato.

Green tea:

The tea much phenol in green tea has the effect that combats oxidation, can promote the poison inside human body to excrete. Everyday drink the two people to 3 cups of green tea, enough tea much phenol is contained in blood, be helpful for healthy.

Scientific and logical choice and tie-in food, can make sex of people cancered danger is reduced greatly, consider to make clear: Change unreasonable prandial structure, can prevent the breast cancer of 50% , cancer of the stomach of 75% and the knot rectum cancer of 75% .

Nevertheless, the action that does not think these 3 kinds of alimental prevent cancer is stronger, ignore the other edibles that fight cancer, also cannot become the food that fight cancer everyday ‘ staple food ‘ . Not was to eat to contain the food of curb cancer material to be able to assure to won’t get cancer, want to adopt scientific and reasonable lifestyle to just may reduce the risk that contracts cancer however. Scientific and reasonable lifestyle includes to absorb food diversification, nutrition is balanced, smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is restricted wine, physical training and optimistic state of mind.

9 big magical ” step-down food ” _ cate the world

9 big magical ” step-down food “

2016-09-19 16:06:23

Think normally, celery has the effect that protects blood vessel; Shallot mixes bean curd can reduce cholesterol to go up in hematic tube wall accumulate, have fall in coordination the effect of blood pressure; Onion can fall hematic fat, prevent thrombosis, achieve auxiliary step-down result; Vinegar can reduce the block with current blood, improve the symptom of hypertensive patient; A kind of active ingredient that watermelon contains a lot ofcan adjust hemal tension, assist step-down; The yellow ketone compound in the grape also can reduce blood pressure. Besides above food, foreign newest research discovered again a few little-known ” step-down food ” .

The practice of the egg

1. The egg is clear.

According to England ” daily Post ” reported on April 9, dr. Yu Zhipeng and a when its study the group is finished new research discover Chinese Jilin university, egg white eating chicken can reduce blood pressure. Food of martial academy of medical sciences and Li of Ruili of nutrient department doctor tell ” life times ” reporter, be in early actually 2009, a research of university of Canadian A Erbai tower discovers, the certain protein in the egg can copy the function of depressor, it is this new research gave out to this only more accurate explanation. Rui Lili suggests, hypertensive patient can eat boiled eggs appropriately, but should not be everyday more than two. High temperature of oily omelette classics heats can bring about protein denaturation, and absorb oil to exceed bid, because this does not suit hypertensive patient edible. What need reminds is, hypertensive patient ten million cannot complement blindly accordingly the egg is clear, because the egg eats too much can elevatory cholesterol, harmful to the body instead; More not do sth without authorization stops drug, lest affect a patient’s condition.

2. Orange juice.

Orange juice contains a lot ofvitamin C, have heighten the effect such as force of human body immunity. A new research discovered university of Nie of French Ao Fu 2010, drink juice of two cups of orange to still can reduce blood pressure everyday. Scientist discovery, middleaged male is successive a month, drink juice of half litres of orange everyday (about 2 cups) , level of its blood pressure falls apparently. The active ingredient in orange juice basically is orange peel glucoside, its still are contained a lot ofin tea, fruit, soja and cocoa, have a variety of health care effect. Besides the orange peel glucoside that discovers in research, the vitamin C that orange contains a lot offight oxide, conduce decelerates the freedom radical harm to blood-vessel; The Potassium that abounds among them more conduce falls blood pressure. But, the scientist admonishs, the patient that takes depressor is before fruit juice of He Ping of drinkable orange juice, grapefruit juice, seek doctor opinion without fail, in order to avoid the curative effect that fruit juice reduces certain pharmaceuticals. Rui Lili reminds, orange juice must drink delicacy to extract, contain sugar because of the finished product that sells in the supermarket the volume is high, go against blood sugar stability.

11 food hold back the world of cate of _ of summertime ultraviolet ray

11 food stop summertime ultraviolet ray

2014-07-27 08:53:23

Guide language: Summertime weather is torrid, ultraviolet ray is more violent also. Prevent variously bask in frost and cannot remove essential beauty to be prevented in vain bask in the effect. Want true from inside ultraviolet invasion is resisted outside arriving, prevent melanin to generate, you need to eat these more ” natural prevent bask in frost ” .

1, orange

Orange contains many vitamin C and carotene, can restrain the formation of carcinogen, still can bate and protection are hemal, stimulative blood circulates, reduce cholesterol and hematic fat.

Consider to show, drink juice of 3 cups of orange to be able to increase the high density inside body to spend lipoprotein everyday (the content of HDL) , reduce the likelihood that contracts heart disease thereby, a kind of specific chemical part is contained inside orange juice namely kind yellow ketone and citrin, can promote HDL to increase, carry low density lipoprotein (LDL) arrives outside body.

2, yangtao

Yangtao is the fruit with extremely high value of a kind of nutrition, its can contain content of content of sexual solid form for 20% , contain acid of bright ammonia acid, benzene third ammonia, surprise more than 10 kinds of amino acid such as bright ammonia acid, cheese ammonia acid, Xie ammonia acid, third ammonia acid, contain those who abound is mineral, pulp of every 100 grams contains calcium 27 milligram, phosphor 26 milligram, iron 1.2 milligram, still contain carotene and a variety of vitamins.

The content of yangtao vitamin C amounts to 100 milligram (in pulp of every 100 grams) above, some breed are as high as 300 milligram above, 5 be orange- – 10 times, the fruity such as the apple 15- – 30 times, be known as on the world consequently ” the king of the fruit ” .

3, strawberry

Strawberry belongs to berry, it contains some much more phenolic material, the cheese ammonia acid that makes to making melanin is enzymatic have inhibition. And, the active oxygen that arises as a result of illuminate ultraviolet ray destroys the DNA inside cellular film cell, had been fat qualitative change oxidation fat to pledge, this is to cause the cause with ropy blood. And some cheese ammonia sick at heart are returned in oar fruit fruit enzymatic oxidize to been restrain fat is qualitative generate, prevent blood ropy have main effect.

Additional, strawberry agrees with quite oily skin, have go the action of skin of oily, clean, strawberry crowded juice can taste apply face as hairdressing. Present a lot of cleanness and nutrient face also added the part of strawberry in film, agree with any skin are qualitative. Often use strawberry hairdressing, can make the skin pure and fresh, flowing, avoid pigment ad cool-headed.

4, peach

Peach is a kind of when a lot of people love to eat sweet and goluptious fruit, the rich fruit acid that its contain is had protect wet effect, return the bilge in OK and cleared pore, prevent pigment ad cool-headed, prevent furrow. Additional, many vitaminic B and C still are contained in peach, stimulative blood circulates, make facial complexion healthy, ruddy.

To coarse skin, can use a peach-shaped thing piece grind on abluent face and massage, next again abluent, law of this one party conduces to maintain cutaneous smooth with tender. Besides, juice of a few peach is joined to immerse in bathing water, also be to maintain a of skin good method.

5, cherry

Cherry is to contain a kind of fruit with iron and more carotene, its nutrition is very rich, to enraging blood relatively the person of empty can rise to enrich the blood the action of filling kidney, gram of anteprandial edible 200-300 can recuperate function of intestines and stomach, poor to digesting a function person has profit very much. The rich vitaminic C in cherry can be moist tender white skin, the formation of effective counteractive melanin. Additional, the fruit acid that contains in cherry still can promote the formation of corneous layer.

6, apple

Contain in malic skin rich ” the apple is much more phenolic ” . Contain element of green acid, catechu, cyanine element to wait among them, have fight oxidation formidably. Use ” the apple is much more phenolic ” the harm of the active oxygen of the generation after fighting illuminate of oxidation antagonism ultraviolet ray, protect beautiful skin. Additional, generate to melanin, skin beautiful Bai Ye has certain effect. Try an apple to wash clean gross to eat!

7, tomato

The rich tomato red element that contains in tomato is not only fight oxidation, the splash that causes to ultraviolet ray and skin are coarse also have certain effect. According to Japan but the research of the company limited makes clear fruit beauty, tomato Gong Suneng is withheld in the skin, and produce effect. It may be said is ” eatable is prevented bask in frost ” ah. Add what heat energy raises tomato red vegetable to absorb efficiency with oil, because this suggests,a few olive oil are added in can of the tomato juice that has thoroughlied cook, tomato.

8, citric

Lemon contains rich vitamin C, can promote metabolism, defer anile, beautiful Bai Danban, receive fine aperture, bate is corneous layer, have to the skin very strong nurse action, still can enhance cutaneous to fight at the same time bask in ability.

9, on the west Indian cherry juice

The vitamin C that Indian cherry place contains on the west is 17 times citric. Not only such, she still contains cyanine element, in vitamin C together, for purify active oxygen supplies double weapon. All cannot withhold inside body as a result of vitamin C and cyanine element however, want to often complement so!

10, coffee

The much phenol such as rich green former acid and Dan Ning acid is contained in coffee kind material. The research that according to university of woman of Japanese drive boiled water close cane teachs makes clear, have the person splash that drinks coffee habit less. People thinks, the green former acid that contains in coffee to melanin generate have inhibition. Double the content of much more phenolic material in a cup of coffee is green tea, because this drinks coffee,assimilate much more phenolic substance can more businesslikely.

11, watermelon

11 food stop summertime ultraviolet ray

Eat watermelon to be different from drink water or beverage, it is the complement of moisture not just to human body. Contain in watermelon juice a variety of healthful the chemical composition with hairdressing, if can promote the amino acid of skin physiology active. These part are easy be absorbed by the skin, moist to facial cutaneous, nutrition, prevent bask in, whitened the effect is better.

Prevent bask in fruit juice:

Material: Yangtao 1, mango 1, citric half, ice cube a few


(Stripping and slicing of 1) yangtao flay; Mango flay, go hard nucleus, also cut small.

(2) puts ice cube into fruit juice machine, after yangtao and mango crisscross put dozen of divide evenly, fall into the cup.

(In fruit juice is being added after 3) lemon extracts juice with juicer, smooth can drinkable.

TIPS: What choose as a result of this fruit juice is the fruit with vitamin C high content, reason can have the effect that combats ageing. Yangtao should choose pulp full, hold go down some are soft person, redemptive home is so adscript that redemptive home refrigerate, can store a week of above.

Grain Full season is water-vapor proof unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease inbreaks _ cate the world

Grain Full season is water-vapor proof unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease inbreaks

2012-05-04 17:01:06

Grain Full season is water-vapor proof unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease inbreaks notice protective body this world is enraged

Summer, point to lunar came in April June, namely the sun from the Beginning of Summer rises, the day to the Beginning of Autumn stops. Meantime includes 6 solar term such as the Beginning of Summer, Grain Full, Grain in Ear, Summer Solstice, Slight Heat, Great Heat. Be in all the year round in, the summer is gas of this world in a year most flourishing season, climate is burning hot and opportunity of survival is exuberant, to the person, it is the period with exuberant metabolism right now, the basic principle of respecting summer preserve one’s health, should be in evil of midsummer sunstroke prevention, shi Xie is prevented in long summer. Want to notice to protect human body this world to enrage again at the same time, because be away for the summer holidays,prevent and have an insatiable desire for overly cool, harmed the in relief morale inside body thereby. That is to say, even if in burning hot summer, still want to notice to protect the in relief energy of life inside body. So, enter in May, enter Grain Full immediately, how should we notice to protect in relief energy of life again in Grain Full solar term?

Principal is, people cannot be absorbed in at the moment comfortable, too avoid hot hasten is cool. If cold pass the night is taken in open air, or water is cold excessive, the empty inside the gas in causing, bring about thereby hotly the evil with chill gets a change to step in.

Grain Full season is water-vapor proof unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease inbreaks

When enjoy the cool, want special attention to build good abdomen, many rural place happy event are worn ” an undergarment covering the chest and abdomen ” , be very accord with the way to keep in good health. Summertime preserve one’s health, the ancients puts forward to maintain in relief gas, the key depends on hotly outside evaporate, sweat fluid large release, pore is open, such airframe suffer chill wet evil the most easily to invade.

Should beware next air conditioning is ill. Alleged air conditioning is ill, it is to because people is long,point to a kind of disease that the environmental come off work that manages air conditioning facility is made and contracts when the life. Light person ache of face-ache, lower limbs, lack of power, have a headache, the gastric bowel disease of lumbago, easy cold and different level; The person that weigh can appear dermatosis and cardiovascular disease. And all sorts of symptoms that appear in old people are more apparent.

The account that air conditioning disease produces has at 2 o’clock:

The a bitth be, because people comes in and go out for many times everyday air conditioning environment, the condition that such human body experience Leng Kuo to answer for many times is reflexed, make sympathetic be opposite a large number of exudation of adrenalin, virtually increased a burden to the heart. Accordingly, much, blood accelerates the energy that wastes inside body circularly, sweat goes out also much.

Clearly, in this season, cardiac burden is very heavy, if maintains to cardiac carelessly, make the heart is harmed very easily. By go up knowable, people goes the summer repeatedly for many times into air conditioning environment, at the heart it is adverse, and the heart belongs to fire, sad hurt in relief morale namely.

2 o’clock is, be in long the person in be in air conditioning environment, once enter burning hot environment when, be about to happen inside body a series of physiology reaction. Outside rising quickly except temperature, the skin begins to perspire, and the skin that takes sweat often is stuck again have a lot of bacteria. When people farewell arrives in air conditioning environment, the skin and blood-vessel contract immediately, the bacterium uses the pore that open business very easily to enter human body inside and cause infection. In view of afore-mentioned circumstances, people should be had an insatiable desire for in scarcely of intense heat of summer cool, beware the happening of air conditioning disease.

Grain Full season is water-vapor proof unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease inbreaks

Avoiding the measure that above produced at 2 o’clock is:

1, the difference in temperature of room inside and outside shoulds not be too big, with exceeding 5 Celsius had better. Indoor temperature not less than 25 Celsius.

2, when falling asleep, had better shut air conditioning engine; Do not want to be shut for a long time in air conditioning room, conditional when often should make airiness of indoor air outside.

3, should feel indoors when having cool idea, must stand up proper activity limb and body, circulate in order to quicken blood.

4, if suffer from coronary heart disease, hypertensive, arteriosclerosis,wait for chronic person, especially old people, stay not for a long time in air conditioning environment, the person that has arthralgia also does not want to often live in air conditioning environment.

And should prevent Shi Xie to invade, be about on living environment avoid by all means is damp. Accordingly, in long summer the bedroom must accomplish ventilated, moistureproof, heat insolation, if indoor too damp, air is foul, not only furniture, clothings is mildewy, grow hair and damage. Still can injure human body this world to enrage. Some countries prove to the research of children rheumatism, the little patient of 50 % above, because those who cause live inside damp house,be.

Food helps the world of cate of your deodorization _

Food helps your deodorization

2012-02-07 14:26:06

Food helps your deodorization

No matter be which reason, the culprit is a bacterium. If go looking for doctor of department of stomatology to see a doctor, he may put forward to suggested at 2 o’clock:

Food helps your deodorization

The first, want to eat well, pay attention to dietary balance namely, absorb enough protein (protein food) with carbohydrate, and contain a lot ofall sorts of vitamins (vitamin food) vegetable (vegetable food) with the fruit (fruit food) ;

The 2nd, had better brush his teeth after eat or use tooth of dental floss get rid of. Still have a kind of method actually, having itself of a few kinds of food is the hotshot of peculiar smell of purify oral cavity, can prevent halitosis to arise once more.

Food helps your deodorization

1, sweet celery

This kind herbaceous (herbaceous food) plant most conduce to the peculiar smell in eliminating a mouth, especially smoke flavour. If at hand cannot find sweet celery temporarily, caraway, mint also can have the effect of peculiar smell of purify oral cavity. Better to achieve effect, these things are chewed so that time grows better more, perhaps use make tea drink. In addition, offset of afore-mentioned these a few kinds of herb are changed (digestive food) also have profit.

Food helps your deodorization

2, yoghurt

Newest research makes clear, insist to drink yoghurt to be able to reduce the vulcanization hydrogen content in oral cavity everyday, because this kind of material is the culprit of oral cavity peculiar smell. Drink yoghurt to still can prevent the generation of harmful bacteria in oral cavity on time, these bacteria can cause gum disease or tooth bacterium spot. But, only natural yoghurt has such effect, this kind of effect is less than since sacchariferous yoghurt.

Food helps your deodorization

3, contain a lot ofcellulose (cellulose food) vegetable and fruit

Include an apple (malic food) , carrot and celery. These vegetable and fruit conduce to secrete a large number of saliva. Saliva not only can wet oral cavity, still can keep clear of adherent be above the tooth or fill in the food in slit between the teeth is residual. These food are residual also be one of causes that cause oral cavity peculiar smell.

Food helps your deodorization

Berry, orange, watermelon and other the environment that the food that contains many vitamin C can make oral cavity forms to go against a bacterium to grow. Often absorb vitamin C the health to gum (healthy food) very useful also. But want to notice, vitamin C should from natural food, absorb in additive agent for food of and rather than, may make digestive function disorder because of additive.

Eat surely everyday fight the world of cate of radiation vegetable _

Eat surely everyday fight radiation vegetable

2012-02-07 14:08:43

Report Magnetism radiate is pollution of a kind of important the sources of energy, it can appear on the mobile phone not only, the metropolis such as mattress of family expenses microwave oven, computer, TV, air conditioning, report emits electromagnetic wave. Because electromagnetism radiate resists for human body ability difference, can produce the harm of different level, if have a headache, insomnia, heartbeat is not neat wait. In the meantime, produce an effect possibly to the eye of some people, occurrence eyesight drops, the phenomenon such as dermatosis.

Eat surely everyday fight radiation vegetable

Consider to make clear in great quantities, electromagnetism radiate brings about airframe to cross oxidation to concern with its to the harm of human body. Be on guard so electromagnetism radiate, besides avoid and of electromagnetic wave ” intimate contact ” outside, also can defy on food electromagnetism radiate is opposite the harm of airframe.

Notice microelement absorb. Microelement Selenium has the effect that combats oxidation, the food head that contains selenium to abound is pushed sesame seed, malt the root of remembranous milk vetch of the medicinal material in mixing, it is yeast, egg next kind, beer, marine kind ungual fish of bright red shrimp, langouste, tiger, tuna waits, the flesh such as the liver that is an animal again, kidney kind, and fruit and most vegetable contain selenium not much. Nevertheless, the content of garlic, dawdle is many however.

Notice compensatory vitamin. Having the vitamin A that fights oxidation, C, E is very good fight oxidation combination. Vitamin C is water-solubility vitamin, in all sorts of vegetable and fruit especially the content in the fruit very abundant. So much draft fruit and vegetable can enhance counteractive to electromagnetism radiant ability. And vitamin A and E are fat dissolve sex, especially vitamin A, contain in pluck and the vegetable of all sorts of yellow color, the proposal is fried with oil will eat, such benefit dissolve at its in oil, go to the lavatory to human body is absorbed and be absorbed. The vegetable of the mustard family such as all sorts of pluck, legume, cole, green vegetables, mustard, cabbage, turnip contain rich vitamin E, suffer freedom radical to helping protective cell film avoid attack is very effective.

The world of cate of haemorrhoid dietotherapy square _

Haemorrhoid dietotherapy square

2012-02-07 14:01:46

NaevusSore is rectum extreme mucous membrane falls and clump happening enlarges the vein with anus hypodermic canal, the soft vein that music Zhang Suo forms is round. In the vein on the naevus below above of anal and dentate line, mucous membrane clump happening enlarges the vein group of the softness that with music Zhang Suo forms, call internal piles; It is under anal and dentate line, by yeast for making hard liquor of enlarge of the vein outside naevus Zhang Huo is sent repeatedly phlogistic and become, weigh external piles; The person that both holds concurrently, it is mixture naevus. This ill happening often is on the foundation of vein wall weakness, answer because of food not section, hot and dry inside unripe, issue approach large intestine, and sedentary, load, go on a long journey etc, the travel that send blood not free, blood heats up photograph wrestle, passages through which vital energy circulates writtens guarantee sluggish does not come loose and become. Clinical and main component is damp and hot accumulate blood of travel of blood of knot, hot approach, gas is insufficient 3 card.

Ginseng lotus broth

Recipe: The white man joins 10 grams, lotus seed 15 grams, rock candy 30 grams.

Make a way: Participate in the person go heart lotus seed puts a bowl inside, add water right amount immerse to fully, rejoin rock candy, evaporate is controlled 1 hour.

Effect: Beneficial is enraged be good at lienal.

Usage: Morning and evening is taken feed. Morning and evening is taken feed.. Cate ChinaCate China

Congee of the root of remembranous milk vetch

Recipe: The root of remembranous milk vetch 30 grams, stalk rice 100 grams.

Make a way: The root of remembranous milk vetch cuts sliver, add water 1000 milliliter, decoct becomes 750 milliliter, go broken bits, boil congee into rice.

Effect: Beneficial gas rises carry.

Usage: Hollow cent is fed.

Red jujube of black agaric Bao

Recipe: Black agaric 15 grams; Red jujube 20.

Make a way: Will black agaric, red jujube puts made of baked clay bowl inside, add boiling water of simmer in water of right amount water.

Effect: Raise blood and blood hemostatic.

Usage: Daily 1, take several days repeatedly.

Congee of donkey-hide gelatin polished glutinous rice

Recipe: Donkey-hide gelatin 30 grams, polished glutinous rice 100 grams, brown sugar 50 grams.

Make a way: Boil congee of polished glutinous rice first, donkey-hide gelatin, brown sugar is joined when congee will be become, the edge boils edge agitate, melt to donkey-hide gelatin can.

Effect: Beneficial gas raises blood hemostatic.

Usage: Everyday 1, take 5 days repeatedly.

Large intestine of pig of Bao of three-colored amaranth head

Recipe: Head of bright three-colored amaranth 100 grams, pig large intestine 150 grams.

Make a way: Pig large intestine head of abluent, three-colored amaranth, cut respectively paragraph, add clear water right amount, decoction 2 hours, go three-colored amaranth head, add salt a few flavorring.

Effect: Qing Dynasty heats up cool blood, alexipharmic detumescence.

Usage: Eat large intestine water boiling water.

Pagoda tree flower brews large intestine

Recipe: Pig large intestine is about 30 centimeters long, the pagoda tree spends 20 grams.

Make a way: First abluent pig large intestine, the pagoda tree the flower puts pig large intestine inside, both ends is plunged into with the line close, add water right amount thoroughly cook, flavor can.

Effect: Clear hot cool blood is hemostatic.

Usage: Feed large intestine water boiling water.

Celery congee

Recipe: Celery connects a 120 grams, rice 150 grams.

Make a way: celery abluent, cut grow 1 centimeter paragraph. Rice adds water right amount, burn boil with high heat, enter celery, change slow fire to boil become to congee, flavor to be become namely.

Effect: Clear hot advantage is wet.

Usage: Edible of morning and evening.

Suffering joins an egg

Recipe: Suffering joins 6 grams, egg 2, brown sugar 60 grams.

Make a way: Enter suffering water first 400 milliliter, decoction makes an appointment with 30 minutes, go broken bits takes juice, enter egg, brown sugar again boil together inside soup, to the egg ripe.

Effect: Clear heat is alexipharmic, dry is wet stop urticant.

Usage: The egg takes the advantage of hot hull, soup of the belt that connect an egg is taken 1 times feed. Daily 1, 4 days are a period of treatment